So last week, my dad emailed me and asked me for birthday suggestions for my mom. Yes, her birthday is tomorrow! No, I won't tell you how old she is (But I'm almost 30 HAHAHHA *runs away*)

Anyways, while I think it was super-sweet of my dad to ask me for suggestions, it was also dangerous because it meant I was surfing the Loopy Ewe and Etsy while I was at work and away from my stash (it glares at me when I shop at home).

So... I kinda ordered this project bag. But hey! Not yarn!!!

It gets the seven paw seal of approval. It came with a lovely brown card and a stitch marker! I ordered it from Slipped Stitch Studios and felt it was a very good price. She says she updates daily and she wasn't kidding! I think I would have been torn if that pirate bag had been there. *sigh*

Also arriving today, was my first shipment of one of the clubs I joined last year. But c'mon how could I not?

Edgar Allan Poe has been one of my favorite authors/poets since I was able to read. And a whole sniffy/yarn club based on his writing?
In case you don't want spoilers... look away now!!!

Here's the yarn. Its Night's Plutonian Shore. *dreamy sigh* I love Knitting Dragon's yarn base, its so smooshy! There's equal parts blue and purple, but for some reason the purple was being shy.
I haven't gotten to the sniffy yet, because its down in the peanuts and Tripsie will eat them if I drop any. Also, I'm not sure I can smell because I"m getting a cold. meh.

Also today! WHEW! My knitting padawan learner James had said that if I kept up with all of my goals through January that he would buy me some yarn! Well, I kind of felt that rewarding myself for staying on a yarn diet with yarn (after only one month, and I havent' really been THAT good on that front) was kinda silly. Also they'd sold out of the one I wanted :P
So, instead he ordered me a Namaste Buddy and a Sock Blocker! Knowing Sherri they'll be here quick as a wink!

So, all in all pretty durn good for a Monday after 3 hours of sleep!
Also, I wanted to take an opportunity to remind everyone, that while the economy's getting stinkier, to remember people who depend on our hobbies to pay the bills, so think about buying handmade for Valentine's or buy some yarn and knit something for someone you love. (Or buy yarn for someone you love, I have a whole wishlist over on the Loopy Ewe).
Oh! And this weekend I finished my Mmmmmalabrigo hat!
Wee! Project #1 for 2009 done and from the stash!


Thomas said...

"Seven Paw Seal of Approval" now THAT'S funny. I like how you ask your online friends to berate you for breaking your rules and find some sort of wonky-woman-excuse about how it don't count. OOOH - It COUNTS and I'm watching and reading and going *tysk tysk tysk*
hee hee.

oooh new yarn - pretty.
I like the hat - now knit a Tardis.

Word Verif: tumsto - Slang for belly fat (your tummy sto's it)

Nikki said...

very nice yarn and bag!!

spiple - the kind of sip you take of someone else's drink when you've been drinking too much!

Kyle William said...

have you bought any edgar allan poe stamps yet? I think they were released already... :)

Thomas said...

canths - When a flammer says that they "can't".

Cindy said...

A pickle? really? *trying to imagine the baby gnawing on a pickle*

I may have to try just to see the look on her face when she tastes it!