Where has Jadie Been?

Stayed home sick, but felt well enough to knit a few days.

The shawl grows (to clarify, this is not a prayer shawl, its a selfish for me shawl) :)

Turned out I had the plague
Kitties didn't realize I was home and showed signs of affection (no hissing or chasing)

Got better (yarn and loopy ewe shipment helped)

Also opening the window to the beautiful outdoors helped, but Tripsie wanted to see out too badly.

Went to see METAL!!!

(that's my metal face)
(pardon the video its from Idiotboy's phone)


Cindy said...

Hahaha... at the metal face

Do you remember going to see shows in high school and getting so warm we wet our hair in the bathrooms sink?

... and our hair freezing when we timed it wrong and the show ended soon after that?

Nikki said...

glad you're feeling better!!

I love it when I'm home and the kitties forget it... although when I'm sick it's hard because Pepper feels the need to plaster me to the sofa so I rest...

Unknown said...

Is there another cat that is outside on the window looking in at Tripsie? Maybe I just need a nap and I'm seeing things. lol

Dianne said...

Gosh I was just going to write you to see if you were ok..glad you're better but so sorry you were sick..but also happy you were well enough to knit..Keep feeling better!!

Thomas said...

I was very glad that you were sick for 3 whole days!!! Cause I know you hate it how people come to work when they are sick and spreadig their germs. But I know how anal you are about being the Queen of what you do and worrying about all hell breaking loose in your kingdom. *woot* metal face.

ernatil - a prophetic word meaning that you are to earn a tillion. Gosh that must be a lot of zero's. You should open your own business.