A contest! But not my own Post 200!!!

Let's Knit 2 Gether is having a contest. Anyone who's been reading me for a while knows that this is one of my favorite podcasts (back when I actually posted about podcasts haha) so please, go check it out. Cat shows many awesome techniques, and gets to go to awesome places, and they are looking for suggestions of what to do next. Their most recent video is a tour of the Lion Brand studios and Knit 1 magazine!

Also, if you watch the video you will notice they put out very high quality video. They are hoping to raise money to purchase a better editing system so that it does't take quite so long to get out new episodes. So please, if you enjoy the videos think about donating a few dollars.

I couldn't think of a contest to do for myself, but I also still can't believe this is my 200th post!!

Well, here's a few cat pictures, and my shawl progress so far... this is the end of Clue #1 and clue # 2 will be out on Monday! So I will hopefully be able to finish my hat today and then I can show that off too :) I opened the back blinds to get all the natural light I could, and the cats loved it :)

Oh and yes, the ring is back :) And it fits without the help of Socks that rock.

And last but definitely not least, Happy Birthday Thomas!!!!

May all your birthday wishes come true


Thomas said...

While Thomas is of the opinion that his birthday is most worthy of personal and individual shout out for a 200th post; he's still honored by the mention and the very cutsie picture of the hammie with his carrot.

YAY ME - for waking up alive!
*woot* for 43 years of fabulous unique-ness.

gairnsms - one of the more odd words in the English language. Not often attempted as it's difficult to pronounce with its string of 5 consonents. It's even a redheaded step-child among the non-rhyming words like "orange". definition - it's the feeling you have when you tell new parents that their baby is cute, but the creature is actually extremely homely.

Unknown said...

That lace really is looking awesome.

Unknown said...

I love her podcasts too!

200 posts?! Congrats! :) That yarn is so beautiful but I told you that already. lol It's looking really nice!

Happy Birthday Thomas! 43? Just a kid! ;)

Dana said...

The shawl is looking wonderful and CONGRATULATIONS on your 200th post. The ring looks excellent too. :)

Happy Birthday Thomas!