One of my Pownce friends was sending New Zealand artists' songs through Pownce and decided to start a Podcast featuring the songs. Thus was burn NZBeats!
First off, the sound quality of the songs is awesome!! A lot of podcasts I listen to the sound quality of the music isn't all that great. Also the music rocks! I'm listening to episode 4, and the first two tunes were sung by two different sisters. They both have beautiful voices, and a style of their own. The third song is a bit rockier. Ki provides the links for where to purchase the artists' music, providing a great service to the creators as well as us listeners.
A lot of my friends listen mostly to metal, which while I love, I also like softer rock too, and even some Pop. Ki's podcast is a great opportunity to check out new stuff that even my friends haven't heard yet :)
I hope he is able to get on Itunes, which I think will really increase his listeners.

Please let me know if you need a Pownce invite so you can keep up with him on Pownce!

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Thanks for the great review Jadielady!