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I rarely do a random post about real life, but I had planned one, and feel I should post about another as well.

Firstly, a personal note. 2 years ago today, my ex-husband (or hopefully soon to be once the papers come in) moved out. It was a weird range of emotions, from relief, to sadness, to being disappointed in myself. Over the last 2 years I have found that I am a stronger person that I knew I was. I learned that I was perfectly capable of being alone (I was never alone, not with sweet baby kitty!) And I was rewarded with meeting the best person suited just for being with me!
I love Sam so much, and I am so lucky.

Also, I see that some of my viewers are from California, and I wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers (Or good thoughts, if you prefer). I've been to LA and San Diego, and they are both beautiful parts of the country.

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The Lewis Show said...

I remember when you told me that you were getting that separation and thinking, "Wow, good call, kiddo."

Things really worked out well and I'm glad to see you so happy and with a really good guy!

...even if he carries that doushey iPhone around!