My new shoes

While we were on vacation, I picked up some new shoes!

The ones on the left were really nice, but once I purchased the ones on the right - it was all over. I haven't worn another pair of shoes since then, except when wearing my black or gray pants.

For some reason, this last week at work EVERYONE has been commenting on them!

"Those are so cute! But are they comfortable?"
"Yes, they're the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned"
"Wait... are those... Crocs?!"
Yes folks, they're crocs. Not those cloggy ones that make your feet stink (no offense to anyone who loves them). High heels but comfy!

I liked them so much I ordered the exact same style in black.

Don't even ask how I took that picture.

So, as a PSA, here is where you can order them, or you can check Amazon or Zappos

Posting this to facebook so all my coworkers can see ;)
Other than wearing cute shoes, I've been playing with crocheting. Doing a scarf and some washcloths.


Dianne said...

I am the same...with shoes..If I find some I like..I buy a pair in every color..
I just bought 2 pairs of shoes yest..a pair or Mocha Birks and a pair of L.A.Gear Toners..

Nikki said...

ooo! love them! I do love crocs (and was one of the people who used to wear the big old ugly ones) but I'm SOOOO Glad they're making super cute comfy shoes now!

Unknown said...

Very nice! I just replaced my over 15 year old sandals! lol I find something I like and I just wear it into the ground. I would have worn them longer but they got a hole in the sole. :(

Dana said...

Great shoes and great vacation! Sounds like you had a ball and I'm glad for you. Now, tell me dear, what size shoe do you wear???? lol

Crocheting! Go Jadie!