Sorry for the silence...

Its an odd experience, when you're too busy to blog, but dont have really much to say :) I blame twitter.
If you're on there i'm Jadielady there as well.

Today, I've been VERY BUSY.

  1. Wrangled 3-legged cat with a dingleberry problem. 3-legged long haired cat with dingleberry problem. All by myself. *gives self gold star of cat wrangling* (if you ever find yourself in a similar position, grab a blanket. Throw it over the cat, straddle the cat with the tangle facing towards you and cut).
  2. pulled all my shoes out of my closet. Pulled out about 5 pairs I forgot I even had and put with clothes to go to Goodwill. Reorganized the rest by what I actually wear most often.
  3. Took 2 bags of stuff to Goodwill. Also dropped off prescription and a mystery camera at CVS
  4. Went to Kohl's. Pretty much epic fail there, ended up with just a pair of jeans and a sweater.
  5. Picked up camera. Prescription will have to wait til the pharmacy, the doctor, and my insurance company work out what kind of nasal spray I'm allowed to have *eye roll* $120 to keep me from sneezing?
  6. Brought down dirty clothes from the week, and raided my old acrylic yarn stash in the tiny closet in the computer room.
  7. Yarn stash is next. Gonna sort out acrylic to donate to the charity knitters at work, then sort out other yarn to de-stash fo cash!. Photos and info will be placed here first, then I'll post to twitter/plurk then Ravelry.
Phew! No wonder I need a nap! Feels good to be able to get to my clothes though.

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Thomas said...

I assure you that I will never wrangle a cat in any fashion so that their butt and dingleberries are between me and IT.

ha ha ha - my word verification is:

Catatio: the ratio or percentage relating to how often you will find ME with a cats ass in my face. "0.00%"