20 days

BAD BLOGGER NO COOKIE! (to heck with the cookie though, I has ice cream)
I thought maybe it'd been a week since I blogged but dang 20 days?!
I blame the iphone. I tweet more but blog less. Oh well. There's also Sims to blame.. dang hippies.
Look, pictures!

2nd pair of socks in magic loop
I have been ignoring them ever since we saw Harry Potter though. The very next day I bought yarn and cast on for Hermione's gorgeous hat. I'm almost done!
(a wacky knitter wrote the pattnern after seeing this still from publicity info last year)


Went to a pool party/BBQ Saturday
I knit :) Oh, and for bag lovers like me - the leatherish clutch is from http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5772675
And the cat on brown tote is from http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5705006 who also does really awesome little Kits (I bought James one, he lurves it). I've also got a new bag from my sweet friend Aimee, but I think she's had enough free publicity for the week and I'll pimp her next time :P (she was guest hostess on the most recent Lime & Violet podcast episode)

Red Rocket's water pump siezed, causing the serpentine belt to tighten causing the power steering to die

Never fear! James' dad rocks socks at car repair. He even cleaned the engine! And for less than half than my original estimate from my previously-loyalicious folks at Monro. Bye bye Monro!

So I'm making an effort to make her other insides look as good. This was before:

the After shot is still pending some mold removal. *ew*


Anonymous said...

Love your new hat!

Dana said...

MOLD? How in the world did you get mold in your car -or- am I just confused as usual? :)

The Hermione hat is beautiful and I will be snagging a copy of the pattern from your link in just a bit.

Very nice new socks! Hey, would you PM me James' dad's number? My mech isn't working out and I think my father's going to bring up a Kia engine from Mississippi for me. My red rocket is still toast. :(