Why do they lick?

Both of my cats are big into licking. In fact, last week Kitty licked me so rough that it gave me a little hicky/bruise/scar thingy!

Tripsie loves to lick too, here she is on Sam's lap.

No idea why, I guess we has a flavor?

I always have a pretty flavor thanks to my monthly shipment of Sniffies from Lime n Violet. I love my sniffies.


Thomas said...

It's Tripsies way of deferring to Sam's Alpha-manliness.

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Cindy said...

Uh huh.. suuurrree.. the cat gave you a hickey.

You can tell me the truth ;)

Dana said...

Why do they lick? Maybe because you and Sam are their littermates, e.g. like the chimps picking bugs off of each other.

Given the sandpaper-y tongue, how could stand to be licked long enough to bruise? LOL

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Thomas said...

*snickers at Cindy*

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