*giggle* Crafty, get it?

You Would Be a Crafty Superhero

You are naturally curious and even a bit of a snoop. You like to have dirt on everyone - both enemies and friends.

You need a lot of freedom in your life. You like to do your own thing, and you don't fit into any normal mold.

Through lots of life experience, you understand the world well. You can often predict what people will do before they even think of doing it.

You are a shapeshifter who fits in with almost any group. You can get along with anyone. You're quite flexible.

You are a true intellectual. You are thirsty for knowledge, and you are curious about the world.


Thomas said...

Speed knitting. Start a club!!!

quele - a french quail.

Dana said...


Thomas - the snowiest place on Earth is Mt. Baker, Washington. Do you want beef or chicken on the flight? *snort*giggle*

Thomas said...


vockl - Like cockles warm you heart, vockl's warm your lower intestines.