Weekend n stuff

This past weekend we went to visit The Lewis Show for his 35th birthday (which was actually yesterday) and for all of us to go see Watchmen together.
We had a really good time, and got to finally meet the younger of their brood.

This is Luci. As in Lucifer.

This is a long-distance shot of Maude, who's a real cutie pie up close. She's like a mini-Tripsie (only with 4 legs). She's got a super poofy tail, which this weekend seemed to get a bit of tree sap on it.

This is their older cat Topaz.
She doesn't like anyone :P

As for this week I could give a #$#!% and am just about ready to call the men in the white hats to come get me. So long as I can have my pointy sticks and yarn.
So, I'm going to work on the heel of my 2nd pretty sock.

Gnight all.

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Thomas said...

Good morning, you rosey cheeked bright-eye and bushy tailed sunshine lovin' positive mental attitude woman of the 21st Century!

I went to bed at 8:25pm last night, and I woke up groggy and still feeling like I could use another 10 hours.

birru - the proper name for your individual bottle of beer that comes from a 6-pack.