Christmas in March!

I forgot to mention, another reason we went to see Lewis & his Lady is because we hadn't seen them since before Christmas!! So it was gift giving time.

I was finally able to give her the scarf I worked on, as well as some earings made by the yarn dyer.

I hope Tyler doesn't mind that I used his picture from the shop.
She really liked them :) Wore them the whole weekend!

I gave Mikey his fingerless gloves... and a watch, so that the difference in length is a design feature.

They gave Sam a Best Buy gift card, which he has already used. And, being people who know me very well gave me

Yarn, beads, and a Michael's Gift card.

Check out the bag!!!

Kitty says, "What, no present for me? Dude."


The Lewis Show said...


Awwww! Tell Kitteh and Tripseh that we're bringing presents for them when we visit soon. Wee, thanks guys for coming down!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that scarf is lovely, and it's hard to go wrong with yarn as a gift! Hopefully it's a yarn you like and will get to enjoy knitting with!

Dianne said...

I'm working on #6 of 'the stealth knitting'..I'll try to do at least 12 and more if needed..just let me know, ok?
Also..I got us total cool Ravelry Buttons..finally!! I'll bring to the meeting next we can be official Ravelers!!

Thomas said...

You are SO spoiled.

oooh yarn!

bolaffin - A distant cousin of the ebola virus; the bolaffin migrate to all your tickle spots and dig in to your flesh for maximum giggles. *yes - in THOSE spots too*