Sock Survey

So now that I'm (nearly) finished with this pair of socks:

Tripsie!!! MOVE!

*sigh* Much better.

What to do next??

I went to my stash and dove for inspiration.

I've had a pattern idea in my head for a while. Its the same stitch pattern as the scarf I knit for Mikey's ladyfriend.
I think were I to try it, I'd use this yarn

But I also recently got this pattern, which I think would look good in either of these yarns

Or, I can do just a plain ole stockinette in this yarn, which does self striping/patterning. Since I have my yarn scale now, I could divide it into 50/50 and make sure to get matching pair!

So... what to do? You tell me! Tripsie says she will guard my stash until we decide.


Thumperdd said...

A yarn scale???? I didn't even know they made them. Leave it to you to find impressed...


Nikki said...

I vote for the first sock!

Unknown said...

I vote for the first one. That yarn looks yummy!

The Lewis Show said...


...and Tripseh.

Thomas said...

Sock survey? What sock survey? You need to give these things more time!!!

walin - what one does when they miss a sock survey opportunity.