Productivity: I can has!

Yesterday I took a half day to take Kitty to the vet. Long story short, the vet said "Hmm I have no idea why he's walking funny." But, he seems to be healthy otherwise so we're not going to worry! Ear mites are 100% gone which is also good news. Could be that the meds were messing with his brain, or he just got used to walking weird to manage his dizziness.

Anywho, then I went to work, then we podcasted. I worked on my socks during the show :)

Then we got home and went on a house-cleaning rampage. Serious cleaning, like pulling the toaster apart and scrubbing the melted cheese from the bottom.

This morning we got up early, took my car to get the part it needed to pass inspection (engine mount) and then to Sam's folks to print out our wedding invitations! YAAAAAAY.

While they printed, I finished my sock other than doing up the heel(see next blog post)!

Also... I recently made another order through the Loopy Ewe. it was someone on Plurk's fault. They had just re-stocked a limited edition of Namaste Bags.

Sam says I should put a bowling ball in it. Funny thing is, it would fit!

2 knitting projects!
I used to carry 3 bags to work. My totebag, containing knitting bags, a book, my snacks & lunch, and various other stuff. My purse, with my wallet, cell phone, ipod, lip gloss collection etc. And of course my laptop bag.
Now I just have the Namaste bag and the laptop bag.

I love it, it holds EVERYTHING.

And of course its purple.

Book to read (in those rare, rare instances I can't knit and have spare time) calendar, pen, checkbook, hair brush, everything!. The little grey thing is my Namaste buddy. they are so awesome, it has some stitchmarkers, my sewing needles, and my fold up scissors. Oooh I'll have to do another post later on knitters' tools.


Thumperdd said...

Nice! It looks stylish and roomy. Love the shape. I bet you get a ton of compliments and questions on where to get one. I know I'd be the first to ask!

Hey, do they have this in purple????


Nikki said...

mmmmmm it's loverly!!!

Thomas said...

So glad Mr. Kitty's mites are gone. Maybe he's sneakin' some sherry while ya'll are out of the house.

HA - it does look like a bowling bag.

Magic - Well duh, what do you think it means?