Update on 2009 goals

Despite the crappy week, I did manage not to go too overboard with eating and stuff. Even after drinking a bit Friday night, when I input my nutrition info on Gyminee I still had not gone over my calorie goal, and had only gone over the "fat" goal by like 6 grams. I consider that pretty good considering I had a burger and fries for supper.

So, I'm down 4.5 lbs so far :)

As you may remember, another goal was to not buy as much yarn and to knit from my stash. Well, I've already fallen down on that one a little bit... but thankfully Ravelry is helping me out.
Quite a few people have the same goals, and so we have started a Sock Marathon. There's no winners or losers. You simply add up how much sock yarn you have, and make a goal to knit up a certain amount of it.

Here's a picture of my sock yarn stash. I realized a lot of it I had never put into Ravelry so I did that this morning.

I still won't really get ahead because I'm in a few sock clubs. Cables and Lace started this month (that very bright pink one to the left is from there).
I'm still in the Yarn Pirate Booty club which I have quite a few skeins from last year that I have not knit yet (bottom right corner is all her)

And, a new club I joined last year is the Unique Sheep's Lord of the Rings sock club. Now you know I couldn't resist that one!

Lucky for my poor storage tub, that one is only every other month. I can't wait to see what we get though :)

I'm also excited because fellow Lancast member James is learning to knit. I brought him some needles and yarn Friday night and he got a good 5 rows done on a scarf :)

I have some more yarn related news coming up, but don't want to jinx it so more to come on that towards the end of the month.
I hope everyone had a good weekend. Back to work tomorrow. I'm hoping to finish my 2nd mitten so that I can have warmer hands this week.


idiotboy said...

Good job :) Didn't mention it, but I can tell you've lost weight. You're lookin' good! Keep it up! *passes out from cardio this morning*

Thomas said...

YAY - 4.5!!

Tony Little says: "You can Duuuu IT!!"

Dana said...

That is a sweet stash of sock yarn full of great colors. LOTR sock club? Yeeessss, that is one you could not have resisted. :)

Congrats on the diet!