5 things - a Meme

Saw this and decided to do it since I haven't done a Meme in a while. From Wendy knits & her pretty Ragdoll Lucy

5 things in my bag: I'm not sure which bag is referred to and seeing as how I carry several I will chose from each

  1. cell phone in purse
  2. iPod in purse
  3. Emergency Knitting kit (in grocery bag... I have tons of totes but always carry a grocery bag)
  4. crackers (also in grocery bag)
  5. work laptop.. in.. .laptop bag :)

5 favorite things in my room: I'm not sure there ARE 5 things in my room - mostly just bed and dressers and a lamp. I love lamp. Oh and of course Yarlow. He's my favorite then. Anyways, so I'll go with 5 favorite things in THIS room, the Den

  1. my laptop
  2. my external hard drive with my entire itunes library and a few movies.
  3. Kitty (napping by the back door)
  4. Tripsie (licking herself in front of the bookshelf)
  5. Yarn Stash

5 things I have always wanted to do: Always is kind of a tough qualifier don't you think? I've never had anything that I ALWAYS wanted to do...

  1. Go to outer space.
  2. Travel backwards in time
  3. Run a no-kill cat shelter.
  4. knit faster!
  5. be able to understand what cats are thinking. Those times when it isn't obvious that is ;)

5 things I am currently into:

  1. evil mini games on facebook and elsewhere.
  2. Losing Weight
  3. destashing yarn
  4. worrying about the future
  5. Wondering how this can be comfortable

And why Tripsie has done this to her tail. :(

If you want to join in, consider yourself tagged.


Unknown said...

I've been away so I'm a little out of the loop but I'm back now. :)
Oh no look at her tail! hehe
I just may do this tag thing in a day or two. Right now I'm getting over a nasty cold thing I picked up on the airplane. UGH!

Thomas said...

I'll have to do this tomorrow night since I did IO's Monty Python Trivia thing.

I whomped your butt!!!

Dana said...

Poor Tripsie. That's a neat meme. :)

Thomas said...

Ah Ah Ah - The Count, meme'd