New Meme

Yup, that's right, I"m going to start a new internet meme!
Anytime you leave a comment anywhere, or sign up for anything, and it has one of those nifty word verification boxes, come up with a definition.

For example:

Abionsog. Small bird, local to bogs, make their nests out of peat moss.

See? Its fun! Try it in the comments below, and spread it like peat moss fires. Only maybe faster and warmer.


Thomas said...

Wraftky: Land rafts used by less intelligent western kentucky folk.

Haley said...

undsetl: the process of your underwear settling into an uncomfortable postion because of shifting lowrise jeans.

hee hee. what a fun idea!

Thomas said...

I just wanted to do this again.
*HALEY - that was awesome*

viess - a nerd that lives to play chess.