Christmas came early

Sam and I were going to have a few friends over Wednesday night and exchange our gifts, but we decided to move it to last night to make it easier for everyone to come.
And oh goodness lookie what he made me!
He ordered all the parts and put it together at his parents house. Brought it home Friday night and I didn't even notice!! He's very very sneaky and clever and I love him! Now I can play some games that came out more recently than 2004!
I'll take another picture now that its all set up.
Tripsie loves her present.

I got both cats a fleece blanket from the bargain area at Target.
Kitty prefers mama's sweater.

I gave Sam a nifty t-shirt from, a DVD of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, some coffee, some recordable DVD discs, a gift card to Best Buy & one for Itunes.

I'm still working on some of my knitted gifts.... getting down to the wire. I'm thinking I might hold off on finishing one so that I can make sure it fits - 'cause I really doubt I'll be able to finish the whole project before Thursday.

I hope everyone is safe, happy, and healthy. I know a lot of the US is buried under ice and snow... Send some our way! Its sunny today but we've mostly just had a lot of rain.


The Lewis Show said...

Lucky! Have fun with your new rig. That is what I call an epic gift!

Cindy said...

heh.. I looked at the first picture and the first thought I had was "he made you a box fort?"


Dana said...

Excellent gifts! It sounds like you had a lot of fun. :)

Thomas said...

*giggles at Cindy*
Nifty neato wow!

...lucky cats.