YAY Knitting content and fixed car!

YAY My car is back home. Turned out it was just the battery and serpintine belt, which was a HUGE relief.

I feel its safe to share one of my knitted items that I am making for a Christmas gift. But just in case, I'm not going to say who its for.

Its a very interesting pattern, and is very easy although I've made a few mistakes. But since the pattern is based on vines I figure - what vine is perfectly symmetrical right?
Anyways, I'm using lifelines now, so no more!
I love the yarn and I can't wait for Tyler to get back to dyeing.

My sweater also continues to grow.

And I've cast on some Fetchings for a co-worker. This is my first successful attempt at cables so I'm very excited! Sorry Bedford knitting group, I couldn't wait - she's paying me for my time and the materials so I wanted to get them done ASAP.

Tripsie is making herself presentable for her boyfriends,

and now taking a beauty rest.

Kitty says "'Sup."
I think he's feeling better. The weekend drop treatment seems to set him back as it sends the evil buggars on the run, but then each day that goes by he gets a little better.


Thomas said...

Boyfriends? I thought Tripsie only had the one Tuxedo Kitty trying to get at her?

oooh pretty pretty yarn stuffs.

*sup* Mr. Kitty.

Unknown said...

Look at all those projects! I don't see any mistakes. They all look wonderful to me!

Dana said...

Everything looks wonderful! Your sweater is coming along quickly.

Glad to hear that both Kitty and the Rocket are better. :)

Don't worry about the cables - - I'm going to start a project of my own here soon too.