At least, we're pretty sure it was Tripsie. Although Kitty has been up and at em again.

But look at what happened when Sam picked up the bag of treats.

Also, if you're in the Yarn Pirate club and haven't gotten your shipment yet, look away.

Still looking? Good - look at the pretty!!!


I'm almost done on my first fetching. Just 5 more rows, then the bind off, then.. *gulp* the thumb.


Thomas said...

What's the big deal? If you were locked up in a air-tight ziplock baggie, you'd want someone to come to your rescue. Tripsie was just answering the Whisker Lickin's plea of emancipation.

YEAH Tripsie!! You saved the Day.

Oooooh look pretty yarn...

HA my word verification is "furbad"

Dianne said...

You've done a great job!! Now who will learn cables with me???
I have to start a project requiring cables before next meeting so I can learn from you experts..Great knitting!!

Anonymous said...

yummy fetching colors! :) if you want to knit stripes in the round without that little "jog" then check out techknitting's blog entry:

it's a good resource to have :)