You voted

And I listened. Neat how that works right?

Here it is in its almost 1 full repeat glory.

It really is very pretty yarn - I love the delecate brown between the purple and as Thomas calls it "Rasberry."

I've been playing Civilization Revolution on the Xbox 360 when not knitting.... that's pretty much taken up my weekend.
Last night we went to dinner with one of Sam's co-workers and his wife. She's a great cook! Then we watched Iron Man on blu-ray, because they hadn't ever seen it, and really - I can watch movies 100s of times.

So that's been pretty much it... days drag on but the weeks fly by. We're almost to Halloween!

Above picture was halfway through one repeat. Here it is after 1 full repreat


Thomas said...

Raspberry? didn't I say Cranberry?

*CranRaspberry* *does jiggy dance*
*CranRaspberry* *does jiggy dance*
one full repeat
*CranRaspberry* *does jiggy dance*
*CranRaspberry* *does jiggy dance*
one full repeat
*CranRaspberry* *does jiggy dance*

Dana said...

It's beautiful! You are just prducing the prettiest socks.

My son and I watched "Ironman" last week and we enjoyed it too.

Cindy said...

That thing looks dangerous with all those needles sticking out...

Make me thing of one of the creatures I made on Spore last night.

(Lorelei has an awesome baby sitter... he hangs out and lets me play his new video games if I get home early enough!)

Anonymous said...

Gosh. That makes me want to learn how to knit.