Roanoke NoSoKnit!

Yesterday I got up early and drove to Bedford to meet my lovely knitting friends Dianne, Dana, and new friend Linda. From there we all rode together (thank you for driving Dianne!) to Roanoke for this year's NoSoKnit.

This is an annual knitting event that has taken place for 10 years now. It was so much fun!
When we arrived we were handed our goodie bags. The bag contains the yarn that is to be used for your charity item for the following year. Since I hadn't gone last year that's why I made 3 hats out of some of my stash yarn (which I forgot to take pictures of ... other than the one I wore my previous post). It also contained some hand-dyed sock yarn from a local dyer, and tons of patterns, stitch markers, some needle tip thingies, Soak from Wool2Dye4, and various sheets and business cards of local yarn shops.

Sadly it also contained a sheet announcing that Dana & Dianne's friend Becky was having to close her shop - more on that later.

We then walked around the booths of vendors that were there. There was some beautiful hand spun, as well as wheels, spindles, patterns, and name-brand yarns. One was $92 a skein! I was very good and did not buy a thing!

We sat down and chatted with people around us, and started knitting away. Then the door prizes began.
Apparantly last year they sent out a lot of requests for door prizes and had 44 items left over from last year! However there's only 100 spots for attendees! So almost everyone won something which was great :)

I won a lovely gift bag with some sock yarn and a pattern that looks right up my alley. No cables!

I also picked up my raffle prize for a raffle I donated some of my hand-dyed yarn to. I got some lovely soap and some more yarn and a Ravelry Bag! Also the woman who made the soap ended up being the lady who had been sitting right in front of us the whole time :) So I was able to thank her in person.
Hello Tripsie.
Below - inside the bag.

After lunch, we decided to head out early and go to Becky's shop. There were some hugs and tears, but overall its for a good thing that she has to close. Her husband works abroad and now she is going to travel with him.

At her store I picked up some more sock yarn, and then some Berocco Comfort to use for some things I want to make for Sam's sister, who is having a baby next month.
I think we are planning to return as after 10/1 all her inventory will be going on sale.
All in all a wonderful day. Dana we forgot to take pictures there!!!


Dana said...

I know! Seriously, I'm going to start wearing an index card pinned to my shirt (like a first grader on a field trip) saying, "Remind me to take pictures." LOL

I had so much fun Saturday and it was really neat to attend the NoSo as first-timers together. We'll definitely have to go back next year. I'm so glad you came and were able to get to KK, pick up your raffle prize et cetera. Same time, next year, okay? :)

Unknown said...

Hooray for winning prizes!

It's too bad the lady has to close down her shop. :(

Dianne said...

What loved calendar will be marked for the last Sat. in Sept..and I may even start my charity knit before the last minute..
How much better does it get to go some place and come away with more than you take in?..
It was a well planned event..and such fun to share with equally knitterly fun people..thank you for joining me!

Haley said...

that sounds like such a cool event. i wonder if they have anything like that in texas? must investigate.