Emergency Knitting Bag

Several people have asked me where I got my Emergency Knitting bag
I did link it in the original post - but for some reason my font colors don't change for links....
Click me I am a link

That's where you can get them. I originally saw it on Turtlegirl's Bloggy thing (also a link) and more recently I've seen ads on Ravelry.

It comes in red and green (last I saw).
so YAY!


Kyle William said...

I love the idea of an emergency knitting bag... I might force myself to get one... although the zip loc bag I use seems to do the same job quite well hehe

Dana said...

Thanks for the link. Those bags are adorable. :)

Anonymous said...

Change your Font Color when you post a linky. It "might" be more noticable. Cause you know I have trouble too. We old people need as much help as possible.