In my comments from my last post, I learned that I won for the drawing on Craftina's Blog she hosted for Earth Day.
Just wanted to say I'm really looking forward to receiving the pen. For those of you who have been with me a while, you may remember Tina is who I ordered Mikey's and My mom's Christmas presents from.

Both items were beautiful and lovingly crafted. Mom has started an afghan on the needles, and the bottle stopper has a corkscrew in it, which was very handy when he and his lady brought wine with them for Christmas.

So please, check out Craftina's blog, especially the last post and the comments on it for great Energy Saving ideas, and also check out her Etsy Store for more beautiful handcrafted items.

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Anonymous said...

Le Plume - Le Plume: one can never have too many. That's a handcrafted special that you should never use and lock away airtight. Especially since your handwriting sucks so bad. Hee Hee, congrats Jadie!!