Podcast Pimpage!

I've got two podcasts I wanted to mention today.
In yesterday's episode of Project Shadow Informant (episode 137) the hosts go on and on and on and on ;) about some GORGEOUS pictures over on The Lewis Show.. So check out the pictures and the podcast :) Its also very entertaining, and they talk about a lot of different topics.
I just can't quite keep up with an hour long daily podcast, but I'll stay subscribed and pick up the highlights ;)

Also, wanted to mention another Pownce friend of mine, has a new episode out. The Buster Friendly show features topics and discussions received through Pownce.
So, if you're on Pownce make sure to friend Them up and keep your eye out for topics.

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Anonymous said...

We have changed the show to a roughly half-hour format, and hope that works better for our listeners. Thanks for the kind words and the valid critique.