A few updates

First, in the podcast realm. Tomorrow is Gary Vaynerchuck's birthday. So make sure you go by and wish him well.

*thinks I'd swear there was something else I was going to say about podcasts... but now I can't remember what. *ponder*
I hate getting old.... Crap what did I listen to today?
Oh well, I'll remember in like a week or something.
I finished my scarf, now I'm working on Carrie's. Lucky for me she doesn't have a computer so there's no way she'll see this :)
YAY For patterns on Ravelry!

Oh yeah. I realize not all my readers are knitaholics like I am. So I'm going to try to only review Knitting related podcasts every 2 weeks. So the alternating weeks I will review any other kind of podcast :)
So if you have one that you like, please leave a comment, or chat me up at MaraJade97 on AIM, glswoman on Yahoo or at jadielady at gmail.com (@ symbol for the at and no spaces).

*edit* YAY I REMEMBERED! I knew I would.
I ordered some very lovely Christmas presents off of an Etsy shop. I can't link the store because its for 2 of my blog readers and they'll recognize pretty quickly what they're getting. But please support Crafters!
I'll be linking the specific shop and the BEAUTIFUL items after Christmas presents are gifted :)

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