Craft Rock Listen

Vickie Howell's podcast Craft Rock Listen launched 2 weeks ago. I know I know, I'm super late to the party. I actually listened to the first podcast, but well... it wasn't about knitting so I kinda got easily distracted. However! The 2nd episode featured guest Adrienne Armstrong (super pretty wife of Billie Joe). It was kinda cool coinkydink 'cause they discussed teaching small children how to knit which they also talked about on the episode of Stash N Burn.
They also talked about being ecologically friendly, and "sustainable living." Neither of which are nearly as popular topics in little ole Lynchburg as they are in California etc, but I thought it was pretty interesting. I honestly never knew how silk was made!!! EEWW So now I will be more mindful of what's going into making my yarn!

Also, along the topic of going green, Sam brought home those nifty low-energy lightbulbs. They're not as bright, but they also aren't very hot, and they supposedly last 8 years!
*goes back to playing on Ravelry* weehee

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