River picture time

Don't these show up so nice and neat against the white background in the middle?

This is a painting of the old cabin. A few years ago some bunghole set it, and the 3 around it on fire.

But we've finished rebuilding!

This is my happy place. There is no stress, there is no work, there are no deadlines - we barely keep track of the time. This is my heaven on earth!


Cindy said...

It looks so different now! *sniffles*

I ran across a picture of you me and Daryl at the waterfall the other day. I can't remember for the life of me who took that picture. I might just scan it if I ever hook up my printer scanner thingy.

Dana said...

There are all kinds of bungholes out there, eh? A few drunken teenagers burned down our Castleton, VA getaway house while my parents and I were on vacation many years ago.

The new house looks wonderful and the spot is heavenly. :) Love the new layout too!!