Random weekend stuff.

Friday night Sam went to watch his nephew play football and stopped off to pick up some clothes his sister gave us!

He's been losing quite a bit of weight, so he's actually getting his nephew's clothes. And MAN does he look awesome!

His sister also lost a bit of weight, so she gave me quite a few clothes as well (pictured above).
I've no idea where we'll put it all but we're grateful for it! And I've never owned one of those velour track suits before, but now i have 2 and man are they comfy!

One small problem though, the clothes were quite fragrant. Pleasantly fragrant mind you, but we're allergic to Fabreeze and heavily perfumed stuff. Yes, all of us are. Even the cats. Poor Tripise has been sneezing all weekend.
Here she is chilling on her fort with her flea.

Sam and I have both been working out using our Wii Fit. I need to get my butt in gear! Sam only weighs about 40 lbs more than I do and he's 9 inches taller!!!

I am working on some knitting projects, but I can't seem to get the color to come out right so I will keep working at that before sharing. I hope everyone's got new shows coming on this week to look forward to :)

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Cindy said...

I'm allergic to that stuff too... and some of it really sticks! I got some stuff from my aunt that I have washed 10+ times and it's still strong enough that if I set something on top of it, that item smells like the fabric softener for a few days. Good luck purging the scent from your fancy new threads :)