Yes my friends, we did it again! And this time I brought the camera.

James poses :P

Kevin reloads

l-r Tyler, Chris, and Gabe get ready for the next round.

Here's my gear. Yes, my gloves are pink (until I dye them)

Once again we had beautiful weather. Perfect even. Warm temperatures with a nice cool breeze.

On the way home. Someone shot me in the crotch!

Also got shot twice in the same spot on my arm (separate rounds) Looks like a hicky hehee

I'm feeling dumb now 'cause the sunshine was beautiful and I did have my sock project with me but I didn't take a picture of it. I think the colors will only show in bright sunlight because the yarn is black with royal blue and purple! So pretty though :)

Well I'll show off some more knitting soon enough. Later!


Thomas said...

It's so nice you have found a surprisingly active physical activity you enjoy, JAG officer Jadie.

James is rather C(hunky).

*momma, close your eyes.*
You want everyone to think you got Pink paintballed in your car and crotch area. That's really Easter Bunny sp**ge.

terit - What one does to the packaging yarnage is mailed in.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't dare do paintball, my knees wouldn't let me hide behind things and therefore I would be such an easy target! lol