Good Eats

I am a seriously very lucky lady. My honey cooks!!

Yesterday we had a pot roast, complete with carrots and taters. Nom nom! (however, make sure you let things cool properly before eating. A scalding hot tater gave me a blister on the roof of my mouth. Ow!)
This is from before cooking. It didn't stick around long enough when it was ready for a photo shoot.

At Christmas, my parents had given us a really cute package of noodles. All the noodles were shaped either as kitty faces or paws!
We had them today with some alfredo sauce and chicken.

After finishing my socks the other day, I've been trying to re-create the pattern, only with enough stitches to be knee socks. However, having been born and raised in a hilly city, I have what we like to call "Burg Calves." They're just too shapely to be covered by yarn, or any sane number of stitches, so I've put that off for now.

Instead, I'm working now on some fingerless gloves. "But Jadie! Its springtime!" Yes I know, and the warmer it is outside, the colder they keep it in my office.

Enter: Evanstar Gloves I've had this pattern in my que for a while, and this month's Knit-a-long with Let's Knit Together is fingerless gloves. So.. I figured I'd give cables another go.

I'm using the yarn that came in my 1st Lord of the Rings sock yarn club shipment. Can't wait to see what the next round is :)

I hope everyone's had a good weekend. More paintball next Saturday for anyone in the area who wants to go!!!

Also, Kitty is getting better and better! Seems to me it was definitely the medication making him wonky. He's walking less silly, and taking steps normally.

Tripsie better look out! She's not been the nicest to him....


Thomas said...

Beef, Noodles, Yarn, LOTR and Kitties all in one post.

Stop the insanity!!!

Next you'll be knitting with pasta to keep your meat warm in order to feed it to the cats before they go out on a wild adventure looking for Cheetarah!

ooooh pretty green.

imperith - An incantation turning kitties into feline hobbits that eat only yarn endorned beef.

Nikki said...

those mitts will be most pretty!!

I'm glad Kitty's feeling better...

how's your mouth doing?

Unknown said...

Blister on the top of your mouth??? OUCH!!!

Thumperdd said...

Hey, Jadie! I was talking about you the other day. I met a man who loves to knit through our new group. He was working on some socks and I gave him a link to your blog. You two tickle me with your sock fetishes...

Hop on over and enter to win my giveaway, when you have minute -


Unknown said...

Good to know that Sam cooks for you. Means more Knitting time :)