Knitting a literary Hodgepodge

My knitting recently has taken on a fun literary theme.

As you've seen already, I have my Hobbity Elven mitts (2nd one is in progress)
Hehe hello Kitty head shadow!
Pattern is Evenstar Gloves and yarn is the Hobbiton Colorway of the Unique Sheep's 1st LOTR yarn club shipment.

For my purse project, I am working on my Poe socks.
Oh hello Kitty paw :P
For the pattern, I am using Eleanor (Ravelry link) I figure its close enough to Eleanora. The yarn is Night's Plutonian Shore colorway from Cables & Lace's first Edgar Allan Poe yarn club shipment. The colorway was inspired by The Raven :) This club is special in that Eric has partnered with the Lime & Violet empire to also include a themed sniffy. I'm looking forward to the next batch!

And, once I finish these.. I can begin working on *drooly happy dance* Oh, if you're in the Unique Sheep club, and don't want to be spoiled, then look away!

Legolas socks!!!!

This was the 2nd Unique Sheep LOTR Yarn shipment. It also came with a very lovely clay leaf pendant, which is upstairs because I wore it yesterday.

I've linked to each yarn shop's webpage so if you like what you see please make sure to let them know :)


Unknown said...

Those gloves look really nice! I love that poe sock pattern. I'll have to queue that one up for the future. I'm busy knitting baby stuff anymore.

Thomas said...

You know I like green.
But the Poe socks is a very attractive pattern.

I think have Mr. Kitty and Ms. Tripsie trained to make guest appearances. Then you pose them.

wauvies - Waves only meant for U.

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Loving the theme!! And all those yarns are gorgeous!!

Thumperdd said...

You are so talented AND patient to work on such small needles consistently.

Yarn of the Month clubs??? So you get a yarn and a pattern monthly? No, don't answer. It's better not to know.

Sometimes it's painful to read your blog. The envy eats away at me...:-)