How I love thee, let me count the ways

1. New second brain. 2nd brain is the term I use for my organizational system. Used to be a digital organizer, then a Palm Pilot (which died). For a few months its been an old school paper calendar and my hand. But no more!!! Let's start with the Calendar:
I can enter all my wonky schedule things, and meetings, and reminders, and its got a fun little scrolly wheel to set the time.
Then there's the memos. No more writing things down on my hand!
Instead of making notes to myself to email someone, I can just do it!!! In fact on Saturday, I emailed mom while we were on the way to reserve our cake!
2. Twitter. I can twitter at WORK! On breaks only of course. Plurk too. Or update my facebook status.
3. Youtube. I can watch youtube videos! Which means whenever there's one I want to show a co-worker but they're on dial up at home, I just load it up on my phone :)
4. My pretty pretty background. Its one of the default ones, but I just think its lovely!

5. The camera. I can take pictures and either send them directly to flickr from my phone, or I can start a tweet and it automatically uploads to tweetpic and puts a link in my tweet for me!
6. Music. I don't even need to put music on it, though it would hold 8 gigs of it. I can stream Pandora or LastFM. Well, Pandora works great, but LastFm's music is a little cloggy on our slower network.
7. Applications. I can instantly find things local to me. Ever have one of those "I don't care, what do you want to eat?" conversations? UrbanSpoon will solve your problems. I also have one that brings up a video of a dog licking glass...

I really do love my phone :) Though I rarely talk on the phone, but basically its a great little pocket PC I can carry around with me anywhere.

Tomorrow, Sam and I are going to get our marriage license!! Just 45 days to go!


Thomas said...

ooooh that top pick looks like a lovely pancake pan.

mmmmmmm, I could go for some hot pancakes and syrup and a pretty rose served at its side.

ditti - Some think this is part of a silly nickname for Puff Daddy. Really it's just short term for a simpleton.

Lyman said...

Funny, I just got a BlackBerry Storm today! I'm getting prepared for all of the nerdy iPhone vs Storm debates I'll have in the next few months.

Thumperdd said...

Darn it. Now I have another reason to envy you...would you stop that???

I was just wondering how you were enjoying the new phone. Had a conversation with a girl last night about how you Twitter without one of those new fangled phones! Oh, Jimmy Fallon showed some of his "applications" the other night - he has one that looks like you're drinking a glass of beer and one that gives you a daily update of Paul Reiser photos...what will they think of next?

45 days??? Wow! It'll be here before you know it AND we can't wait to see the photos!

Dianne said...

If I buy one of those handy dandy do it all phones, will you move in with me until I learn to use it?
I am totally floored at all that little gadget will do..but I don't understand how it can do it..complex for my pea brain!!
There should be a workshop or clinic to teach old dogs new tricks..I'd surely enroll
But I do love your new companion!!~HUGS

Haley said...

and to think i thought this post was going to be about sam.

Dana said...

LOL @ Haley (me too!)

Your new IPhone is very nice and so handy! I enjoyed seeing you demonstrate the applications. I wouldn't ever get a thing done if I had one of those - - it's too irresistable. :)

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Yay!! Congrats on getting a new phone!

Snowboarder just loves his iphone too!

Unknown said...

Oh I love my iPod Touch so much. My husband got the iPhone but I love my cell too much to replace it just yet. :)
My background on my iPod is my granddaughter. :D

Thumperdd said...

Hey, Jadie!

Just wanted you to know that I've given you a Kreativ Blogger Award! I always enjoy your posts and photos...thanks for sharing your life with us!


Kyle Kunnecke said...

I also love "ambiance" -a good app (cheap) for the iphone that you can play the sound of rain or birds or machines or city streets... it's what I sleep to! :)

hey... why aren't we pals on facebook? look me up!!! Kyle Kunnecke