I just haven't been around much. In fact, I hadn't even opened my google reader in 3 days so I'm trying to get caught up with that now :(

But.. I just don't feel like I have much to blog about at the moment. Thanks to my iPhone I'm twittering a lot more (and including pictures) so if you're on there make sure to follow me, I'm Jadielady.
Also, my big project I can't talk about yet, so ...

Its just a little over a month to the wedding. I'm so excited! We've gotten a lot accomplished so I don't feel stressed at all. Ok, maybe a LITTLE. But not much.

My 30th birthday is next Saturday, I certainly did not lose the 30 lbs I wanted to, but I'm definitely healthier and happier and that's really all that matters :)

I hope everyone is well, if you're anywhere near the Central Virginia area come check out the Sedalia Fiber Festival next Saturday

Ooh I do have one knitting thing I can show you, I'm knitting a shawl. I decided I wanted something to wear to the festival so I just whipped up something quick and easy. Plus, this yarn is just too pretty to put on your feet.

Tripsie liked the yarn too, so I have some extra ends to weave in. BAD TRIPSIE!
Well, see y'all later!

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Dianne said...

Looking forward to seeing you at Sedalia..What a pretty yarn for a shawl..See you Sat!!! Hugs~~