Knit Night at Stillwaters!

Tonight we had our monthly Bedford Knit Night group! But instead of the library, we decided to try out a Coffee Shop just down the road. Definite improvement!! Much comfier seating, way homier decor (lamps and pretty overhead lights instead of the fluorescent glow of the library)

Stillwaters is a beautiful location in downtown Bedford. With beautiful brick walls and multiple levels, and tons of sofas, its definitely more comfortable and homey.

They also have this sweet gal, who keeps you company. Unfortunately, moments after this picture was taken those delicious looking deserts had a slight mishap involving puppy tongue, and had to be taken away (before I got to eat one!).

Here are the perfect ingredients to a great knit night.

I love my knit night gals. Sometimes people ask me why I drive 30 minutes to Bedford, well its because my friends are there!! They're so sweet, several have offered to help me with some of my wedding knit plans!!!

If you're ever in the area, please stop by Stillwaters and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and one of their fine desserts.


Anonymous said...

It is my goal in life to open up a knitting/coffee/book place that I can take my dog to.

Cindy said...

That looks like really nice place... and a very mischievous puppy ;)

Unknown said...

That coffee shop sounds wonderful. I like that it has multiple levels. Last year I went to a few knit nights with a group that meets here and they were always in a coffee shop. I don't go anymore but mostly because the attendees did not show up regularly. I love the idea of a knit night but the other groups that meet anywhere near here aren't that close and it involves driving over bridges in rush hour traffic and that means merging onto bridges with long lines....yeah, I'll pass on that. heh

Dianne said...

I agree with you 100%..I even felt less stressed while knitting..much more relaxed setting..not too mention that sweet Saydie~
You are a major element in our group and we are so happy you're with us..sharing your lovely yarns and talent.
And yes..we want to help with your wedding give us the recipe!!lol
I've surveyed that particular stash and there's at least 50 skeins of 'said yarn'..and almost 1 cone
Hugs my Dear!!

Thomas said...

Good doogie

Coordinated nuptial knit efforts. Go Team!!

neutm - a covert unproven agenda of womankind to neuter all men.

Dana said...

I had such a great night too and I'm so glad you're allowing us to help with the wedding favors! Hey, what's your desired total by the way?

Sadie was too adorable and that table was just too low for her to resist. Sorry you missed out on an apple tart.

Unfortunately, my photos didn't come out at all. My kids had been using my camera and I just figured out what happened today and fixed it. No pics for me though. :(

Have a great weekend and I'll see you 3/24!

Thumperdd said...

Fantastic! I just found a group last week, but the first meeting isn't until March. We'll be meeting at a local Starbucks initially. I can't wait...

I'm so happy that you enjoy your group (even though the dog licked your goodies 1st!)


Unknown said...

I would love to think about making the trip to Bedford one evening come spring. Can you tell me what dates you regularly meet on once a month?
Any particular colors towards these dishcloths?