The most perfect heel (aka in which Tripsie tries to eat my yarn)

I can't remember if I've mentioned it, but I joined a Sock Marathon on Ravelry, to try to help encourage myself to reduce my sock yarn stash by.. you know, actually knitting it?

The socks I'm currently working on are from The Little Box of Socks which is a great resource for sock patterns (and may I say very inexpensive and handy). What I love about this particular pattern is that it uses what's called a "Strong Heel" which was originally featured in Knitters Magazine from 2003.
This heel has no flap. No icky back & forth for 26 or however many rows and then picking up stitches. You simply increase, then turn.

And check it out

No holes, no gaps, just a perfect heel!!


Tripsie says the yarn is tasty.
nomnomom MINE!

The colorway is my own, its from the same batch I gave Dana & Dianne for Christmas (though they all turned out very different) I can't wait to see how their socks are doing :)

I definitely recommend this pattern for any sock beginner. The Little Box of socks (linked above) gives great directions for all stages of the sock. With simple ribbing and rows of plain knitting for a great break (I hate purling) this sock pattern is going to become one of my favorites for sure.

Oh, and cat behavior has returned to normal Eric. I heard hissing, and turned to see what terrible injustice was being done to Kitty.

MOM She's within 1 foot of my tail make her move EEEEEEEEW!


IrishGirlieKnits said...

That sock is gorgeous!! Yay for knitting from the stash too!

I'll have to check out that heel! Looks cool :)

Thomas said...

Oh Mr. Kitty, quit being such a pussy. *oooh pretty sock coloration*

puroli - a purrrfectly good word for kitties sharing oli'tle bit of sun.

Dianne said...

That is a great heel!!! Having just gone through the 32 rows of back and forth..I know where you're coming from..I can't wait to start my yarn you gave's next on the agenda..and I'm almost 6" on the foot of this's only been about a now that I've regained my sock should come pretty quickly.

The Lewis Show said...

Kitty is just the ultimate fuddy duddy.