I can has haircut

For those of you who have known me for sometime, you know that generally I get one, maybe 2 haircuts a year.
And when I get it cut I GET IT CUT!!
Here's last year's.

Here's a recentish picture of me
My hair had actually grown a good 2 inches since then.

Here it is tonight!
I love it.

Here's the back

And the best part is, I can still put it in a ponytail.... mostly.

*+5 points to myself for taking pictures of the back of my own head*
Of course, this is after being blow dried, sprayed with something that smelled wonderful and made me want to tip extra, and then being flat ironed, all are things I do not do.... ever. So we'll see how it looks after its been in my care for 24 hours, but for now? *joy*


Thomas said...

*sproing* Move over Sam, I'm not Gay anymore.

Cindy said...

Yeah it's always an adventure to see what the wonderfully styled haircut will do after a shower and a bit of non-styling

idiotboy said...

lulz @ Thomas..

*whistles* @ Jadie ;) Love da short hair!

Haley said...

You look great! In my opinion, nothing feels better than a good haircut!

Anonymous said...

The haircut looks fantastic but you're beautiful either way. =)

Dana said...

OMG Thomas! LOL

You look EXCELLENT Jadie; great cut!!

(Sweet Sam). May I send my hubby to you for training?