What a week...

Its been a pretty rough week at work.. Right before the holidays, the company I work for advised that there would be some head-count reductions after the new year. What wonderful timing they have. Anyways, this week everyone was on pins and needles of course.
They began Wednesday, but the bulk of the cuts were on Thursday. One of my best friends on my team, who I've known since before he was hired at this company was let go. It was a complete shock. Others were let go as well that didn't make any sense. Slackers were allowed to stay. Some decisions made sense....
Also, an entire team who I worked very closely with were let go. I am very sad for all of my friends (and my ex-father in law, who is such a nice man).
But I'm also angry at whoever made these decisions. They never seem to think about all the work that these people do that will now be foisted onto someone else.

Last night was podcast night, I messaged the guys and asked what we were doing for supper beforehand. They asked what I wanted? "Beer."
So I got a little toasted... but I wasn't the only one. Designated driver changed 2 times during the course of our meal. On the way back I noticed it was 9 and that Sam was off of work, so Josh called him and we all talked him into coming to record with us, which was fun :)

During the break on the show I went upstairs and borrowed Chris' wife's stuffed banana and did the Peanut Butter Jelly time dance.
Feeling much better now.

Just in case you're unfamiliar with Peanut Butter Jelly time (since i know at least one of you who lives under a rock) click here


The Lewis Show said...

You are a strange child, child.

I am sorry about those losses at work. It's never a pleasant thing for a company to trim away payroll like that. I know that pretty much all of those let go are more than qualified to land somewhere else and succeed.

And even do better. So it's a short term royal pain and hurt but in the long run, it'll be ok.

Thomas said...

errrr, arrrgh, mmmmAAAAHHH
*Tries to move Kryptonite boulder*
no luck Jadie, I'm still under the rock. Maybe one day I can upgrade to High Speed.

I'm sorry your friends lost their jobs. This was truly a very sad week. I'm grateful that we have been spared and may continue.

Haley said...

It's a rough time for losing jobs these days. I am thankful everyday that my husband still has one. Hope it stays that way. I hate that you can go to work and work hard and do well at your job and still get laid off. Sucks big time! Take care.
P.S. New haircut still looks great!

Cindy said...

*peeks out from under her rock*

but it's cozy here