Richmond trip and some knitting

YAY I'm so glad to be back home. While I had a very good time on my Richmond trip thanks to having such great friends in that town, it was a very tiring process.
I arrived right on time for my meeting, and then Thomas and I went to lunch. I got to meet his beautiful dog Solomon!

Solomon was kind enough to show me some of the tricks he can do.
Lay down.

After the long day, I went back to check into my room. The view is so familiar. Weee.

Then Mike & Janine came over, and Janine opened some birthday presents. Mike gave her a Dwight Bobblehead, and I gave her a hairbrush (doesn't sound very exciting but its JUST what she wanted. Luckily I had very good advice) :)

Then Thomas arrived, and the four of us headed to KubaKuba.

I ordered a side order of Tostones, which are fried plantains (kinda like bananas).

I went back for more meetings on Thursday and then finally got home around 6:30.
I did get a little knitting done, since I couldn't get the hotel's wireless internet to connect.
And so, without further ado I present:

My Wollmeise socks!!! How I love thee

Also, we have determined that Kitty very likely has an ear infection. We're taking him to the V-E-T tomorrow. He thanks everyone for their well wishes and he's been pretending to feel better ever since we told him where he was going.

With a Kitty nod he says "Thanks guys! I'll be just fine! See? I feel all better!
(He was looking at me but then the flash went off)


Thomas said...

My Solly never misses an opportunity to show off how smart he is in front of pretty ladies (and treats).

I really enjoy meeting Mike and Janine (gosh I hope I spelled that right). They were very entertaining with their schitzo all over the place conversations snippets.

THOSE sockies are soooo very pretty and wonderfully soft.

*throws magic "LoveMyVet" mist-potion at Mr. Kitty*

Thanks for the visit. So very nice to have met you AGAIN.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a nice trip!

Oh the Wollmeise socks look beautimus! hehe

Cindy said...

mm.. i <3 fried plantains

They're especially good with a little powdered sugar sprinkled on top.

Thomas said...

I'm absolutely positive that Sue also forgot to mention how handsome Solomon is.

You're so very correct, Sue.

Dianne said...

Happy you had a good/safe trip and Solly looks like a perfect PUP..since I love dogs..I find it hard to not think they're all ..sorta perfect, except 'yappers..argh..
Your socks are magnificent..
Hope Kitty had a good 'V.E.T' visit..we have to spell those letters here hope it was a good report..Look forward to seeing you soon..hugs

JJ said...

Thanks for the post. I will try that game. It was nice to meet you... and solomon is of course, beautiful!!

Good luck with vet and kitty...

idiotboy said...

Glad to see ya back :)

Dana said...

It sounds like you had a great time in Richmond with your friends. :) Solomon is beautiful (oh how I love shepherds!) and your socks are just gorgeous.

How did the vet visit turn out?