An update from Kitty

Hey guys! Mama had kinda a rough day at work so she's taking a rest. But she told me everyone has been asking how I am and passing along their wishes for me and I wanted to say Thanks!
People have been asking what was wrong with me, so here's my story.

I hadn't been feeling well for a while, and I kept falling over, so I started to walk much slower. My ears itched and hurt too, but of course I didn't really have a way to tell Mommy and Daddy about that.

Then Saturday morning, mommy and daddy got up WAY Early. I knew something had to be up.
Sure enough, mommy picked me up and we went out the big door, and into Daddy's car.
Mommy held me and put a belt around us. Usually mommy lets me roam around the car, but I think with my dizziness sitting with her was probably the best idea.
We stopped at somewhere I had never been before. Then, daddy held a box towards me. I love boxes! I climbed right in! But it was an evil trick. A door shut in front of my face and someone was carrying me inside the box!

They carried me into a building that smelled funny. I could hear other cats meowing, and a dog and even a baby!
Mommy talked to a lady and then wrote some information on a piece of paper. Daddy talked to me and tried to keep me calm. Then we all went into a small room and they let me out of the box.
They set me on this weird metal table. It was so cold! But there was a window so I looked out it and there was a pretty garden outside. I could still hear a cat crying. That thing was more annoying than Tripsie!
Then this lady came in and grabbed two things out of a box, and a handful of those white stick things that are all over the bathroom floor that Tripsie plays with (Mommy says they're called q-tips).
The lady looked in my ears with a little flashlight and said I had ear mites. EWWWWW
Then OH MY GOSH!!! A second lady grabbed a hold of me, and they squirted stuff in my ears!! Then they used the q-tips and poked me in the ear! There was gunk on the used ones. She kept grabbing new ones, scooping out my ears and setting dirty ones down.

It was so humiliating that I buried my face in the arm of the lady who had held me still. Then all of a sudden I felt two sharp pains in my leg! WTF!! They gave me shots while I wasn't paying attention.
Then the box came back. I tried to scoot away but Daddy held it still and mommy pushed me in. They carried me back into the first room and after another couple of minutes we went back to the car.

That's when I started to cry. I didn't feel well, I was embarrassed, and to make things worse they left me in the box so I couldn't see!!!

We went back home, and I went to sleep. Those shots wore me out so I slept almost all weekend.

I must admit though, after sleeping all weekend I do feel much better. Look at how much cleaner my ears are!

And I've been walking around a little.

So, that's my story. Thank you everyone for your concern! But no worries I'm fine!

Bonus, I think the ear mites are migrating to Tripsie. HEHEHEHEE


Heidi said...

So glad your feeling better, you need to be in top form to manage your humans, their exhausting.

Thomas said...

YAY, MR. Kitty survived his adventures into the human world and lived to tell about it.

You're so lucky to have Jadielady as a momma.

*now what's wrong with your momma?*

idiotboy said...

Well Mr. Kitty.. tell mommy and daddy they can get ear mite medicine at petsmart to prevent it from happening again. I used to apply some to my old kitties' ears and he didn't get them. Might work on your arch enemy tripsie too ;)

Dana said...

Awwww...poor baby! Glad you're feeling better!