I've never quite understood the little abbreviated thingies like that, but what it means is National Knit a Sweater month (Kinda like Socktober, except less clear).
My goal is to knit my very first sweater. So far... I haven't been able to wind my yarn.

Here is what I'm going to make though - its fairly simple. Knit 2 rectangles and seam where appropriate. However, I hate seaming so I'm going to do it on circulars.

I've also gotten quite a bit of knitting done this weekend on my socks! I'm rather proud of myself. As a reminder, here's where I was on Thursday (And I did not do any knitting Thursday or Friday).

And here's where I am now! I may finish these puppies for my trip after all.

Oh yes, that's right. I will be in Richmond for business on Wednesday and Thurdsay.
I get to see Mikey and Thomas as well as some other worky friends.

Pardon my international readers, but:
Regardless of who you plan to vote for *coughanyonebuttheoldmanandtheidiot* Please go out and vote Tuesday.

Also, please send happy thoughts for Kitty. He doens't seem to be feeling very well and is limping a little bit on his front right paw.

Thanks! I hope everyone had a good Halloween *noms on snickers*


IrishGirlieKnits said...

You can definitely finish those socks before your trip!! So pretty!!

And that sweater will be gorgeous! Here's to NaKniSweMo (don't make me say that three times though...hehhehehe)!!

Dana said...

Great socks! Your sweater is going to be gorgeous. :) Have a fun trip in Richmond and I hope Kitty feels better soon.

>noms on Butterfingers<

Dianne said...

Special smoochies to Kitty!
Your socks are moving right along and the sweater is going to be gorgeous..great job!..As for winding yarn..I have a winder and must confess it took me some time to get the hang of was very intimidating at first..but now..I feel adequate~..Safe trip!!

Anonymous said...

Awww... I hope Kitty is okay?

Thomas said...

*oops I forgot to comment*

"Hey yay, you're coming to Richmond for a work-visit. I can't wait to see you!!!"