Hello friends!

Over and over I've drafted a catch-up post, but never got around to posting them.  I do want to start posting here more often.

I am still knitting, quite a bit really. And playing video games. I've fallen in love with watching Livestream (or VOD later) D&D and other rolepaying sessions.  I still play with my group every Wednesday, but also I've made some really great friends through the beautiful, inclusive, and encouraging communities online.

One of my favorites of these is The Indoor Adventurer (Twitch) (Youtube) (Patreon) (Podbean - Audio only)

Becoming a subscriber on Twitch or supporting the channel on Patreon gets you in their super fun Discord chat where we have a lot of fun and just keep each other entertained.

There's 2 main D&D Shows.
Monday night is a Homebrew campaign, and Tuesdays they play the current D&D adventure, Dragondee Waterdeep Dragon Heist. 

If you look at the VODs or check out the YouTube channel you might see someone you know in some of the one-shots :)

Now, here's some knitting since that's probably why you're here (if you still are)

I cleaned my room this week and found a sock project I'd forgotten existed. I checked Ravelry, and found that I'd cast it on nearly 7 years ago in February of 2012!!!

All I had to do was knit about 3 stitches and do the toe of the 2nd sock!

So, now I have a new pair of 7 year old socks. YAY!
 I hope you're well and happy out there. Say hi if you're still around or if you happen upon this!
Next time I should write about my bullet journal!

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