New house?

So... Sam and I have been looking into buying a house. Last week we took our first trip with our realtor, and I fell IN LOVE.

With this house.

But Sam thought we should look at more before making a decision. He convinced me to come looking at more this week, and we did...

So we also looked at this house...

And now I can't decide which one I like better :(

The yellow house is a bit less expensive, and we could probably talk them down even more. But, there's going to be some work needed. It is move in ready and all recently painted, however there's a large tree in the front yard, and a small one in the back which would probably eventually need to come down.

It's a lovely big back yard! and the front yard is big too.

Here's the upstairs area (I have already called DIBS) it doesn't have heat or AC piped to it. Which I'm honestly ok with, the warm air will rise, and I am always cold! However, if we were to ever resell the house we would need to have that taken care of because technically we can't call that upstairs area a bedroom without it.

The kitchen is all brand new, and all appliances convey. However, the kitchen is the only room in the house with a ceiling fan.

I love the pantry, but had a hard time getting a good picture of it, this picture is taken from the den area - the stairs in the den go up to the knitting nook.

and I really love the bay window.

I can picture both kitties laying there soaking up the sun puddles. Not at the same time of course :(

There's lots of cats in the neighborhood... which may be a plus or a negative - I like cats, and Tripsie likes to see cats, but... Were I to come home from work and see one of them in the road, I'd be devastated.

Speaking of work, the yellow house is less than 5 miles away. I wouldn't even have to get on a main road. I consider that a big plus. And it's near another friends house where I go every week to play D&D! As little as I drive now, I'd be driving even less if we moved here - I could probably go a month on a tank of gas!

However, the heat & hot water heater run on gas, which is a concern for me.

There's a lovely porch on the side, perfect for a grill and patio table.

Nice bathroom.

Laundry area is on the outside of the kitchen.

Now... The white house, while it doesn't have a deck, does have a little area for sitting on the front porch, and we could easily add a deck on the back.

Also there's some pretty flowers.

The dining room is nice. I like the color, and I also like that it is more of a dining table nook than a real dining room - it isn't cut off from the other areas of the house, so it doesn't feel like it's wasted space.. if that makes sense..

The kitchen looks like it's been recently redone,

The stairs are actually inside that wall to the right, so they aren't visible until you get into that area. Sam really liked that they aren't in the way or out in the open.

and the upstairs is similar to the yellow house (but no windows face the street, which I don't like).

It does already have central heat & air piped in, so it's able to be a bedroom. Also the closet in this one is bigger than in the yellow house, as well as the area outside the room.

The current owner either crochets or is loved by someone who does,

There was another crocheted blanket on the bed.

Look, the bathroom is purple!!

and she made cookies for us!

I do like that the main bedroom has carpet instead of hardwood floors - much nicer on your toes when you get out of bed. I didn't take as many pictures because the current owner is still there, so her furniture and pictures are all there.

And I think I prefer that it has electric heat over the gas on the yellow house... The yard is much smaller, (which Sam likes, for maintenance) and there is a drive way (yellow house doesn't have one but could easily be added).

The white house isn't far from work, but not as convenient as the yellow one. And the seller is already selling for less than she paid, so she probably wont' budge much on the price.

HALP I can't decide!!!


Mitchypoo said...

That's a tough decision. They are both really cute. I love the kitchen in the yellow one, but I'd want heat/ac like in the white one and driveway.

~RaenWa~ said...

I really like the yellow house. But both houses have good & bad things about them. I can't wait to see which one you pick.

Nikki said...

you posted WAY more pictures of the yellow house and talked about it more than the white house. I think you want the yellow one :)

Figaro said...

I vote for the yellow house, I love the covered porch area. That would be a perfect spot for knitting outside on sunny days...nice little breeze...ahhh! (figaro on plurk)

Denise said...

I'd go with the yellow house. Actually the gas is a good thing. When others in your neighborhood lose their electricity you'll still have heat and you have to love that back porch too. Any house you get you have to fix up to what you like anyway...You might want to check out the neighbors as well...

sara said...

Super tough decision! Like everyone else, I got the impression that you really liked the yellow house and prefer it. I don't like to drive...especially not on busy main roads, so the convenience of the yellow house would be a big plus.

Haley said...

both look lovely! good luck with your decision. i know househunting can be a daunting task! very excited for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh I like the white one, it's so cute!

Tina said...

They are both really nice. Tough decision:) Which one can you picture being happier in 5 years from now? That's how I make a lot of my tougher decisions. Congratulations and good luck!