New Year's 2011!

Well, it has been a while again... this time I have a somewhat decent excuse, at least for the last week or so.
Our townhouse flooded *AGAIN* This time though, it was because a pipe next door burst. However, since those neighbors were in the midst of moving, and presumably were visiting family for the holidays, no one knew about it until it came to visit us.
Fortunately, thanks to Sam's mighty wet-vac purchase, and super-dry air (instead of muggy summer like last time) we've been able to stay home and we'll be moving things back downstairs tomorrow.
However, we have decided to start looking at houses, and we've also decided nothing goes downstairs unless it has a PLACE. Where it BELONGS. And if stuff doesn't get a place, then it's getting a place outside our house, either by being sold (first choice), donated(2nd choice), or thrown away (last resort).

These things tie in nicely to my goals for 2011, which is to spend less, save more, and declutter the house. If I can get some cash for some of my clutter that's an added bonus. Which yes, means some yarn & other goodies. So keep an eye out for a destashing post shortly.

My knitting goal for the year is to knit longer sock cuffs.
This might sound silly, but I have small feet and I always end up with nearly a half a skein of yarn after a pair of socks. So, I hope that by knitting longer cuffs, I'll use up more yarn!

I'd like to review my goals from 2010. I think I did pretty well...

1. I want to complete one project per month. This may sound super rediculously easy, but I am an ADD Knitter as in all things, and sometimes I get a bit of cast-on-itis. I also tend to get a case of "OMG this facebook game is awesome and I shall play it 5 hours a day." So sometimes I don't knit for fairly long stretches of time, or I'll swap back and forth so many projects that none of them see any drastic progress. I am going to partially achieve this by doing something I saw on Ravelry. I am printing off patterns, collecting all needed materials, and putting them in a plain paper bag. Put the bags in the closet - whenever I feel like starting something new I grab a bag and cast on!

I think stuck to this goal well. I'm almost positive I finished something every month, whether it was one sock or a pair, or even the hats I've been crocheting for co-workers' babies. I did not do the self-imposed yarn club though.. I just can't plan that far ahead.

2. Read. If you don't include Audio Books, I don't think I read any books in 2009. 0! So I want to keep a book on my nightstand, and read a few pages of that instead of catching up on twitter or looking at lolcat pictures on my phone every night before bed. I've already started reading Rowing The Atlantic by Roz Savage (pardon, can't find how to underline).

Well, I'm still doing audio books, and not much reading of traditional books.. however thanks to my Kindle I have finished visually reading 2 books, and am working on another. I've been keeping track on Goodreads. I'm Jadielady there too if you want to be friends :) I can't really read before bed, because with Sam going to work so much earlier than I do, he's usually already asleep when I come to bed. Maybe if someone bought me a kindle cover with a built in light *cough*

3. Continue to eat healthier! I've made some very good steps in the right direction. I just need to keep it up and get back to a good work-out routine.

Urm, nothing to see here ... move along. I have however, become much more organized, and that's good. Right? :) Seriously though... at work we now have an on-site gym. I have no excuse. I've got to get my butt over there... if it wasn't such a long walk across the parking lot ;)

I hope everyone had a happy holiday of whatever sort you celebrate, and Happy new Year!!!
Oh. And since you're probably hating this post for its lack of pictures, here's one of the babies.

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Dana said...

Go you! The reorganization looks wonderful! :) (Now come and do my house). lol