Goodbye, old friend

About 9 years ago, I bought myself an ergonomic keyboard for work. Everyone else hated it, and supervisors would refuse to take escalated calls at my desk unless I typed for them. But I loved it.
Sadly, today as I was having a conversation on our internal message service, suddenly the f, h, k, o, 7,8,9 and left shift & control stopped working.
I tried cleaning it out, and rebooting but nothing worked. Sadly, my keyboard is dead.

(check out the adapter so I could use a USB port)
Fortunately my boss had a newer model ergonomic keyboard in one of her cabinet drawers she let me have, so I wasn't down for long. But it's not the same :(

In other news, certain someones seem to be getting along better. Or at least tolerating eachother.

This weekend.

Last night.

And today when I got home: Mutual Sniffage!

I hope everyone is well. I hope to have something neat to show off pretty soon!


Unknown said...

Mutual sniffage! lol

I tried those kind of keyboard too but I can't get used to them. I'm a typist but I still can't get used to them. Maybe I should try it again because I seem to be making more mistakes like "teh" instead of "the" hehe

Dana said...

Goodbye sweet keyboard. (By the way, I cannot believe that yours lasted that long - - I buy one to two keyboards per year). :)

The furbabies are so cute!