Richmond Funtimes

Last weekend we went to Richmond to see our friends Mike & Janine.
Saturday night we went to Dave and Busters. It was lots of fun! I've seen commercials for the place, but none of us have ever been. It's like a Showbiz for grown-ups (though there were still tons of kids around playing). Better food though, and beer! Janine and I earned about 50 tickets, but inflation has apparently also hit the ticket market, and we wouldn't have been able to get anything more than a small yo-yo or some candy, so we gave them to a little kid.

Sunday we lazed around (except for our wonderful hosts who made us breakfast!), and then went to Carytown.
There were tons of chalk drawings all over the sidewalks, including Pedobear!

What are you doing on the ground Pedobear??

There's also a VERY nice yarn shop, and I was very good and just got needles for my huge blanket of doom (thank you Kyle for the suggestion of using multiple sets of circulars as DPNs).

Then we went to a super-yummy pizza place downtown and then to the National to see Mastodon.

The National is a historic building, they used to be a traditional theater (for operas and plays and stuff).


Pictures are kind of hard to see what's going on, they have a huge LED display behind them which they show a video on.

It was easily the 2nd loudest show I've been to, and my ears were still ringing Tuesday morning.

Monday I got up early and went in to work! My boss had asked if I could go to the Richmond office to do some training, and it just worked out well timing-wise so that I didn't have to make two trips :)

Maude was my Tripsie-substitute.

I love her tail!

Today we're planning on going to the Celtic Festival at Sedalia. Hopefully the weather will hold out.

Not much new knitting yet, I do have some plans for a shawl but I want to finish Sam's socks first.


sara said...

Excellent kitty tail lol!

The Lewis Show said...

You did forget to take Maude back with you :P

She's confused as to where her new friends disappeared to, but I told 'em you'd be back.