Jadie's Christmas List

Well, some people are starting to ask what I want for the holdays.. so... here goes :)
And who knows, maybe some of you will see things you decide you'd like too!

For people who really really love me lots! (Sam look here)
Retro Video Game Sock Club 2010 I've really enjoyed this club and I hope to stay in it. I will buy it myself after the holidays if I don't get it by then :)
Loopy Ewe Gift Card my very favorite online shop :)
Just about any of these rings Except the spider.. and the skull.. and anything gold. Oh you know what I like :)
Interesting necklace/bracelet thingy

Less expensive wanty thigs

OMG Drool *sings these are some of my favorite things*

Yarn bowl made by my fried Kyle
2010 Cute Overload Calendar Squee!

Pretty Shawl Pin
New Drive band for my new Charkha! (I'll blog about it once I figure it out)

Things I don't need any more of, but wanted to feature :)
My friend Brooklynne Michelle has opened a yarn shop!! Clicky here The colorways she's put up so far are beautiful!
Aimee's shopFunFairieGirl has awesome project bags, Coffee (or soda) cozees, and great smelling Sachets.

Well, that's about all I can think of off the top of my head.


Unknown said...

Happy Turkey Day!!

idiotboy said...

I renewed jadielady.com.. Merry Christmas ;)