Lazy Saturday

So I know I've promised pictures from NOSoKnit but I'm gonna be lazy and just tell you to look here. That's Dana's report of the day :) If you go one post up she's also got a video of one of the merchants giving a dyeing presentation which was pretty cool!

Kitty had a cricket friend. They were just hanging out so I let the cricket stay until Tripsie saw it. She likes to pull their legs off :(

Speaking of Tripsie, I think she's got some dry skin issues. She's had this rash on her tummy for a while, and now she's got a bald spot on her tail and itchy bumps on her neck. The poor girl, the rash is on the right side of her face (the side with no hind leg for itching!)

If you'll recall the shawl I was working on last weekend... it was for an October Knit-Along with the Let's Knit2Gether podcast group on Ravelry, and I think Karma punished me for starting early. When I started the lace part I found I was off by 4 stitches, and all my efforts to regain them resulted in a bigger and bigger mess. So I ripped it out and have started again AFTER October 1.

I've just got 2 more rows before I start the lace part, and I'm right on track with my number of stitches so YAY!
The way the colors go make me think of the seasons. With beautiful fall represented at the top with browns and greens. Then grey and ice blue of winter, and just barely starting to come in with the purple of pretty spring flowers.

For any of my local friends, today there is a fundraising event in Appomattox VA for a 3 year old girl who has cancer. JessiFest will have some great music as well, organized by a good friend of ours so please show up! Attending is free, there is a yard sale and silent auction and food which will help raise funds, and donations are welcome.


sara said...

Poor Tripsie! I love the shawl!

Haley said...

love the cricket picture. the shawl colors are lovely!

Dana said...

The shawl is gorgeous! My cats, both of them, are bug hunters, as is the dog. Bella got stung on the nose Saturday morning by a yellow jacket that snuck in the kitchen door.

Sorry to hear about Tripsie's skin issues. Have you tried "Gold Bonds" or a hydrocortisone cream yet?