I'm still here!

Just been unwinding and whatnot. Its been a long week at work, and a bad week in general for the whole world!

I do have some good news though. Remember that shawl I was running out of yarn for? (slaps self for using a preposition at the end of a sentence)
I think I solved my problem!

Original yarn - Mmmmmmmalabrigo in my hand-dyed color
New yarn - Mmmmmmalabrigo in Cypress.

I know its an icky cell phone picture (apparently we're out of AA batteries. Durn Wiimotes) but if you look at the 3 top rows... The 3rd and top row are both in the new yarn. The middle row is in the old yarn. The darkest shades of green of the old yarn PERFECTLY match the new yarn!
I think the darker part at the bottom will really make those evergreen spots POP when its done.

Speaking of Mmmmmmmalabrigo (once you pop you really can't stop) I found another perfect match for the other skein of handdyed that I had made.
(the color on the right is called "Stonechat")
This set will be a Vortex Shawl for my aunt. While she was in town for my wedding she mentioned that she keeps her house very cold because she is so hot-natured, but that her shoulders get cold.

I think these colors will suit her nicely :)
Also, I think from now on I will only knit circular shawls. I HATE PURLING!

Anywho... I took care of name change stuff today. Once my drivers license and new bank stuff comes in the mail I'll be 100% Officially Mrs. S!


idiotboy said...

Two words... rechargeable batteries :D

Dianne said...

I love the Stonechat..I have a skein too..thought socks originally but since the sock treasure chest is full..a shawl will be nice..pretty colors!

Dana said...

Stonechat is gorgeous - - I love autumn-y colors and green. The Cypress and your handdyed look like a wonderful combination to me!

Ahhhh...Mrs. S! Dare you to fit your first, middle and new last name onto the little line on your drivers license! :P