Wonderful friends and good times!

Tonight was our knit night and my gals (and guy) surprised me AGAIN!!!!
They threw me a bridal shower!!!!
I got a very lovely box STUFFED FULL! Of yarny wonderfulness

Same box, just a different view. I'll need to get individual shots of everything soon to post to Ravelry ;)
There was some handmade soap, which Kitty thought smelled pretty (truthfully he just wanted to chew on the plastic)
Tripsie was more interested in other aromas. :P

And a beautiful floral arrangement which was in the center of the table. I at first thought the flowers were artificial but they aren't! I love them so much!
Thank you everyone!!!!


Dana said...

You're very welcome! It was fun to surprise you again - - you get that cute "deer in headlights" look that always makes me laugh. ;) LOL

June 13...June 13... so excited!!

Dianne said...

Isn't she fun Dana..that sweet little innocent look just makes you want to giggle..We got you again..now what can we plan for an encore?..help us here Jessi..give us a reason!